What is Above the Fold?

What is Above the Fold?

Commonly a reference to the first 800px that load on a webpage but for different groups this phrase can have different meanings. In print, ‘Above the fold’ is the lower half of a news story or photograph area usually located above the fold in newspapers or tabloids where an important news event or photograph often appears. Normally newspapers are displayed folded in such a way so that the only part of the page showing is the top half. Sometimes a newspaper may be displayed even though it is not folded. It is displayed open either side so people can read what is written on it. It may have advertisements or links. When newspapers are displayed in this manner they are called newsstand displays.

It has been found that newspaper display Fold Times increase sales of newspapers by up to forty percent. An increase in visitors to a website can also be attributed to the placement of an above the fold advertisement in newspapers. As more visitors come to a website the more likely it is that those visitors will click on an advertisement. This leads to an increase in sales because more people are visiting the website to buy the product or service represented in the ad. This type of marketing strategy is used by many companies who have a website as part of their business-marketing plan.

There is a site called Above the Fold and it is run and developed by Marcieu van Meijs. Above the Fold is a blog where anyone can read a wide variety of articles. The site displays a combination of articles that have been posted by authors all over the world. Some of these articles are posted by readers at famous article directories, some articles are posted by content authors who write on particular topics, while some articles are posted by the authors themselves and serve to provide advice on particular topics. Some blogs also feature an Ask the Editor feature where the reader can submit a question for a particular topic.

The reason why Above the Fold is such a successful online marketing program is because it is able to combine the best practices from the traditional article marketing campaign with some of the newest methods and tools. To get the most out of Above the Fold, you need to be able to set aside time on a regular basis to manage your blog. If you are like most online marketers, you are probably under a lot of pressure to generate traffic to your web page quickly so that you can maximize profits. You also want to be able to set aside time to answer questions that your readers have about your products and services. Above the Fold has a very responsive customer support team that provides support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The way that Above the Fold earns money is through its unique combination of traditional article marketing and Search Engine Optimization. All of its pages include a link to their Google AdSense affiliate account. When visitors click on these links and are redirected to a Google AdSense page, they receive a percentage of the commission for any sales generated by this link. It takes the best practices of traditional article marketing and combines them with the best practices of Search Engine Optimization. Since Google is such an important search engine, this makes Above the Fold stand out from the rest.

Each page on Above the Fold is designed in a very user-friendly manner. Above the Fold uses smooth scroll features that allow visitors to browse through their blog easily. It also utilizes a tab system so that visitors can easily see the latest blog posts on one page while browsing through all of the posts on another page. Above the Fold also uses the best practices of creating a navigation menu so that visitors can quickly find the section that they are most interested in without navigating through a large number of other pages. Above the Fold has a very responsive customer support team that provides support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.