What makes a website search engine friendly?

“What makes a website search engine friendly?” This is the question most webmasters, bloggers, and internet marketers ask every day, but the answer is not always clear. Sure you want to make your site easy for your visitors to navigate through and have them find what they are looking for quickly and easily, but it is important to understand that there are many things going on behind the scenes that contribute to making a site search engine friendly or not.

Search engines often rank sites according to how much content to their readers can expect to find on the site, and the more content a site has, the higher up the rankings that site will appear in search engine results. But search engines also use a lot of other factors when calculating the rankings of sites. Some of these factors include how many links exist between websites, how many backlinks exist between websites, how many original pages exist on a site, how many sites link to a particular page, and how many other sites link to that page. All of this interplay among the different sites and pages play a large part in determining where a site will rank on a search engine result page. The higher a page ranks on a search engine result page, the more likely that specific page will be clicked on by someone looking for information.

To answer the original question, “what makes a website search engine friendly?” It is important to remember that search engines are simply providing the billions of potential customers looking online for something to do with searching. They have no idea what you as a site owner are doing with your site other than what the spiders on their server are bringing in. This means that if you are focused on making your site as easy to navigate and as engaging as possible, you will receive traffic, and this traffic will be highly targeted. If your target market does not like what they see and feel while navigating your site, they will click away as fast as they can.